Flight Re-timings

Updated 29/8 0900 VUT

Flights from Brisbane to / from Espiritu Santo and Port Vila will now operate as follows due to a fuel shortage at Espiritu Santo airport. 

Flight Number Date Routing Estimated time of Departure Estimated time of Arrival Comment
NF25 29 Aug 18 Brisbane to Port Vila  2040 2359 Delayed Service
NF1208 30 Aug 18 Port Vila to Espiritu Santo 0110 0200 Delayed Service
NF1209 30 Aug 18 Espirtiu Santo to Port Vila 0240 0330 Delayed Service
NF24 30 Aug 18 Port Vila to Brisbane  0430 0630 Delayed service


Air Vanuatu apologises for the delay to your travel plans. Your safety is our priority.